We are ready to support you in the development of intrapreneurship initiatives, which are an effective lever to promote a culture of innovation in the organization. A typical implementation consists of establishing highly diverse teams of volunteers, sharing business problems that the teams will focus on by the management, learning innovation techniques and receiving methodical coaching for several months of the project.

Employee Experience Design

Low employee engagement around the world makes it necessary to design unique experiences for employee retention. In this consulting process, we work with the owners and stakeholders of the relevant human and cultural processes to design solutions that will create value using different methods such as design thinking and jobs-to-be-done.

Customer Experience Design

Customer experience is the impact of what the customer feels and thinks about the brand at every touchpoint. Throughout the project, we work with process owners and stakeholders to guide them through different methods such as design thinking, jobs-to-be-done, lean new venture, identifying the customer journey, developing ideas to improve the experience and testing them with customers.

Innovation Trainings

To promote the innovation capabilities of an organization, we deliver hands-on courses where participates have the opportunity to practice many different techniques.