About Us

Dr. Selçuk Alimdar

Born in Germany in 1977, he graduated from Istanbul University Sociology, Yeditepe MBA and ITU Musicology and Music Theory PhD programs. He worked in customer services, marketing-sales and human resources at Yapı Kredi, Aria, Avea, Türk Telekom and Tofaş. In his 20 years of professional life, he took leadership roles in call center, process development, audit, organization design, budget management, compensation, training, HR strategies, HR IT program management, experience design, gamification, agility consultancy for 15 years. In 2018, Tofaş Academy, which he most recently led, won the title of the first world winner from Turkey in the ATD BEST list, the world's most prestigious corporate university award. The agility and training-development projects he led were crowned with nearly 40 international awards. In 2019, Alimdar was named Chief Learning Officer of the Year by Stevie for Great Employers.

Our Competence

Our team specializes in customer experience, innovation, problem solving, agility, gamification and change management. Leading design thinking and building agility centers of excellence, our team has been recognized with international awards. We are also experienced in improving organizational culture through our professional coaching and mentoring services and organizing strategy and collaboration workshops. We are ready to optimize your business processes and employee experience with our training, consulting and coaching services.

Our Awards

We received a total of 37 awards in different fields such as human resources, agility, change management, social responsibility and training management.


We have translation works titled Organize for Complexity, Scrum Guide and Prince Dimitrie Cantemir.

In addition, Western Music in the Ottoman Empire is the author's copyrighted work that fills an important gap in the field of musicology.