Organize for Complexity (translation)

A book about complexity and work - and about how to deal productively with both. A condensed introduction to the theory and practice of organizational high performance.

A manifesto for contemporary leadership and profound transformation in organizations of all kinds.

"Boldly, Pflaeging dissects classic management theory and in a well-humored manner, offers coherent alternatives."

-Harvard Business Review

Western Music in the Ottoman Empire

"Selçuk Alimdar, whose own educational trajectory, fields of endeavor and the area he covers in music are also multidimensional and extraordinary, has embarked on a comprehensive research, which is rare in the scientific community, especially in the discipline of musicology."

- Prof. Dr. Ali Ergur, Sociologist

"Selçuk Alimdar concludes his foreword with the sentence 'this book will have achieved its purpose if it is considered a seminal work in its field and if it becomes a source of inspiration and motivation for new research that will fill the gaps in the field'. I think Alimdar has already exceeded this goal with this book..."

- Dr. Emre Aracı, Music Historian, Composer, Conductor

Prince Dimitrie Cantemir (translation)

This book is not limited to an analysis of Cantemir's treatise on Ottoman music. First, it gives us the full story of his eventful and dramatic life, including the Russian scene and an account of his multifaceted activities. In the same chapter, the author reviews not only the History of the Ottoman Empire, but also Cantemir's other books and other Romanian sources on the Prince and introduces us to the contents of these works.