Leadership Development

Executive Coaching

We set a goal for managers at all levels in the area where they need to improve their performance and guide them in achieving this goal through a series of coaching sessions, the number of which is determined in advance.

Leadership Development

We offer the most suitable solution for your needs in a wide portfolio of content such as Situational Leadership, Coach-like Leadership, Leadership for Change, Effective Team Management, Transactional Analysis Based Leadership and Interview Techniques.

Personal Development

Effective Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Time Management, Effective Feedback, Stakeholder Relationship Management, The Art of Asking Questions, Stress and Life Management, Persuasion and Negotiation are among the solutions we offer for the development of professionals.

Internal Mentor, Coach, Trainer and Facilitator Development

Internal mentoring and coach training, establishing a coaching and mentoring system, Training of Trainers, Facilitation Techniques are among the solutions we offer to ensure employee development with the internal resources of the organization.

Effective Parent Education

Parent Education for Effective Parents (PET) is a pioneering program that has helped millions of parents around the world. Delivered in 50 countries, the program was created by award-winning psychologist and three-time Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Dr. Thomas Gordon.

A gift with a lifelong impact that you can give to your employees to give them a unique experience! It is also possible to offer short versions through seminars and workshops.

Mindfulness ve Ebru Sanatı Atölyesi

In this event, where the fusion of mindfulness and marbling art will be explained, the participants will experience small mindfulness practices that they can adapt to their lives on the one hand, and on the other hand, it is aimed to share an experience created by the reflections of the water and the emotional state of the person who makes it with the marbling art we will apply.

Easy Habits

Drawing on the scientific literature, this unique program provides your employees with proven strategies to easily build habits, whether at work or in their personal lives. We know the habits we need to build, but the hard part is making them stick. This requires the right goal, willpower and motivation.

Change Leadership

Any kind of project implies change. In order to manage the human side of change, project management needs to be accompanied by change management. In our Change Leadership program, we address what leaders should do in the steps of awareness, desire, knowledge, implementation and reinforcement in their employees.